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Project: Save Jimmy Neutron!
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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
11:49 pm
Jimmy Neutron in the classroom: Macbeth Meets Jimmy Neutron
A high school in Endicott, New York got the funding for a project an English teacher will be doing featuring the episode Out, Darn Spotlight from the second season.  He/She wants to help students find the cultural, historical and technological similarities between Shakespeare and the modern world.

In doing so, he/she will be incorporating the episode as a springboard for a discussion and project where they will compare Shakespeare's themes to modern events.  

A Wacom Pen Tablet Graphire 4 will be used to create graphics for student projects as well as a "Macbeth Meets Jimmy Neutron" Newsletter.  Students will also be using the tablet to place graphics and information onto their class "wiki" page.

Essentially, students will also be discussing why modern cartoons (this JN episode being the most recent reference to Macbeth) use Shakespeare in their storylines.

The teacher placed this project onto a classroom donor page, where $169.00 (the money needed for the pen and tablet, materials and fulfilment) was raised in six weeks (from October 21st-December 10).  Donations are now closed, but I am looking forward to what happens in the coming months.  

Kudos to this teacher for using this show in the classroom for educational purposes!

Source: donorschoose.org (proposal will be viewable until June 2008)

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Monday, October 29th, 2007
11:43 pm
Jimmy Neutron/Chrysler advertisement
 Finally, after many months of anticipation, the Chrysler ad is now available to view on Chrysler's website.  I think it's been airing on TV too, but I don't watch Nick as much as I used to.

To view the ad, all you need to do is click here.  I made it somewhat easier to find by linking you guys to the Chrysler photo and video gallery page for the Town and Country minivan.  To the left of your screen, you'll see a long rectangular vertical box with pictures and video clips.  The video clips are at the bottom -- there's a scroller on the right side of the box that will take you down to the end.  The JN advertisement is the final one, appropriately titled "Jimmy Neutron TV Spot."  Click the picture.  A loading page will come up -- it won't take too long to load, being a sixty second ad.  When the loading page is complete, you'll see a screen with an arrow.  Click the arrow and the ad should play. :)

The ad includes Jimmy, Carl and Sheen.  Jimmy has a device that turns his van into a real van (aka the Town and Country minivan).  Him and his friends get inside of the van and check out all of its' features.  Cindy is at the end of the ad briefly.  It's a very clever ad that I think all of you guys should enjoy. 

I know this isn't another season, but it's great promotion for the show!

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
10:40 pm

Hello, everyone.

As promised, and way overdue, is the addresses you can use when you're writing your letters of inquiry to Nickelodeon.  I found them on the Save Jimmy! website, but to make them easy to access, I shall have them here as well:

Nickelodeon's Main Hub:

Nickelodeon Networks
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

 West Coast Address:

2600 Colorado Blvd., 2nd Floor.
Santa Monica, CA. 90404


231 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91502

Viacom's Address: 

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
11:57 pm

I am Brit, creator of this group.  I have another user named Jen who will be one of our mods in charge.

Please excuse the post I made several days ago.  I may get discouraged from time to time but this in no way means that I'm giving up hope.

This group was created because, as many of our internet viewers may know, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius has ended its three year run.  Nick has not decided to order another season.  One of the show's director's has hinted, however, of a possible spin-off which is currently taking months of talking from Nick.  

Nick's treatment of their viewers is unacceptable, especially when newer shows like El Tigre and Mr. Meaty are not living up to the network's (or our own) quality standards.  This needs to be changed and I will show you why.

*We have a voice that needs to be HEARD! This is the group, along with our petitions and letters that will tell Nick that no matter what, we're going to make our campaign known. Even Danny Phantom fans, who are also rallying to bring back their show know what it takes to bring a show back--letters, petitions, fansites. It's what you do.

*Nick has claimed that their new shows are a breath of fresh air into their animation market. Unfortunately, Mr. Meaty, which has received extremely low ratings, and other new shows coming up this Spring, which will probably do no better are a slap in the face to people who expect quality in programming. Nick, just like many other cable networks are PAY CHANNELS. This means we're paying $40.00-$50.00 a month for decent, wholesome shows that you can no longer see on broadcast television. Whether we are parents of the children who watch Nick and other networks, or adults that watch these networks, we deserve better. Networks have begun placing a profit over quality margin on their shows which has and will cause a downturn in ratings later on down the road.

*Why save Jimmy Neutron, you ask? Jimmy Neutron is a quality show with great writing, acting and direction--one that is a rare find on television these days. It has a variety of different plots, as well as romance, action/adventure, and comedy. Many of these devices have worked wonderfully to create a powerful fanbase that has kept this series going for several years. We are asking a mere request of Nickelodeon to spare Jimmy Neutron. It remained in the top three Nick shows since 2002 and still holds up today as one of the finest examples of animation on Nickelodeon. If Fairly Oddparents can receive one more season, so can Jimmy!

*PETITIONS--enclosed in this message you will find two petitions that have been up and running since December 2004.

Sign only once when you enter these sites. I know they may not do much, but at least Nick will know that we are supporting this cause and that we care about the show.

*LETTERS--We will post addresses to Nick Headquarters very soon for you to send letters. In the letters, you need to tell Nick why Jimmy deserves a fourth season--give examples and use your emotions. What the show's done for your everyday life, and whatnot. You also need to explain to Nick that while we understand that they need new shows every couple of years to keep their lineup fresh, that the shows need to focus on quality....which is why Jimmy should have another season, of course! And go into why you may not like El Tigre or Mr. Meaty...do a comparison--use examples with animation and writing. Nick needs to understand why their new shows may not hold up to their quality standards as well as ours.

Try to keep the letter as polite as you can--no demands, threats or rudeness. Nick may end up throwing your letter away if it is a hateful letter. Nice works wonders.


*When posting on this community, please keep the topic focused on Jimmy Neutron. NO SPAM. If you post spam in this community you may be deleted from the group. We want to keep a clean, respectful image for all the users that visit here.

*NO CURSING OR ABUSE. Please, no abuse of other users or flaming.

*Finally, have fun! Get to know other members on the group and post your thoughts on how you can help in saving the show!

Again, welcome to our new members.  Enjoy the community and support our cause!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
7:38 pm

Well, here we go.  Someone writes a letter to Nick about Danny Phantom, another Nick show that's ending, which is understandable...she gets a response in turn with their little 'we want to keep the air fresh' crap, when, sorry to say the air's getting a lot more polluted with their new garbagy shows coming up this Spring.

So this toonzone user decides to rant about the person who wrote the letter to Nick because 'oh my gosh, she's soooo ungrateful...she said something mean to Nick when Nick took the time to respond to her letter.'  Oh, geez.......  And I side with the upset girl that got that letter from Nick who brushed her off way more than I do with the toonzone user, catlove390.

I cannot believe this...

Anyway, just thought I'd show that to ya.  I have a feeling if I write a letter to Nick about Jimmy Neutron, that the response letter they would send to me would be this exact same letter with a few names changed around.... I'm feeling more and more discouraged.

Current Mood: discontent
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